The Federal Government has started paying all NPower Batch C beneficiaries nationwide, but some are still having issues with their account details and are yet to be paid their monthly stipends/salary.

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We observed that most of the beneficiaries account details on their profile were not validated. This has made your account not to be credited or made you not receive your npower monthly salary.

Note, if you fall within this category of persons that haven’t been credited, don’t worry, we have you covered.

How to Validate Npower Account Details to be Paid

To Successfully receive your Npower monthly stipends, this is what you are expected to do for you to get paid.

  •  Login to your Npower Nasims Portal via
  • If your Nasims dashboard is showing NOT VALIDATED
  • Click on Validate account
  • Enter your correct bank account details
  • Submit

Once you follow the above steps, it will take 24 hours for your bank account to be credited by Npower.

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If your Npower dashboard is still showing the account is not validated after you have clicked on the validate account, please follow the guidelines below;

To immediately resolve the ACCOUNT NOT VALIDATED issue on your Npower Nasims dashboard, kindly contact the Npower call lines 092203102 or 018888148 to resolve the problem.

Dear Beneficiary,


Ensure that your bank account details are correctly captured on your NASIMS profile dashboard, if not, edit and correct, then log out and login to ascertain the effectiveness of the correction. Else, disregard.

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Secondly, if your BVN is PROVIDED, kindly ignore the part on the portal that says “INVALID”
However, if your BVN is not PROVIDED, edit and provide in the corresponding space, using the same method above.

Above all, if your account details and BVN are correct, do not make any changes as you will be paid.